18 acres or 7 acres? What’s the truth?

Lately the archers have been loudly proclaiming that they only(?) use 7 acres in the Lower Arroyo and chastising us for saying that 18 acres of the Lower Arroyo are being devoted to archery use.

Here’s how the Lower Arroyo Seco Master Plan, Pasadena’s official planning guideline for the area, describes the archery range on page 2-24:

…The agreement between the City and the roving Archers is currently under revision. The City Manager will execute an annual contract that the City will use to govern the use of the approximately 18-acre area on the west side of the flood control channel from just south of the Colorado Street Bridge, south to the La Loma Street Bridge. Facilities included a small building with room for meetings….etc. (LAMP, Adopted September 29, 2003)

And what happened to that annual contract? The Pasadena Roving Archers have been operating in the area without a contract for more than four years.

Or here’s another way to look at the measurement issue, using precise GIS tools from Google Earth.


Northern Archery Range – 

10.4 acres between Colorado Street and the pedestrian bridge


Southern Archery Range – 

12.0 acres between the pedestrian bridge and La Loma.

Reasonable people can quibble about the exact acreage, but it’s pretty clear that the archery range impact is much closer to 18 acres than it is to 7.

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  1. mike Aubrey said:

    I have been shooting at the range for 30 years. I don’t come there anymore. Some of the club members were furious that I have a service dog that retrieves arrows for me. They called this “liberal bullshit”. No other club has objected to, or refused to believe in my disability or my right to a service dog. They called the police and said a man was trying to shoot a dog one day. Brought a helicopter,two cars, animal controlalso. Thitarted happening every toime I was there. Animal control knew me and my dog And had signed off on us, but it didn’t matter. They are at war with dogs. My dog is a fine talented hunting dog. She volunteers with the wounded warrior recovery program at Balboa naval hospital. We haven’t had any problems at other ranges. The Pasadena roving archers could share the range. They make a lot of money here. It’s not that busy during the week. Do they really need all the long shots for a few compound bows? I’ve had them shoot to scare me and my dog.

    October 14, 2014

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