The hotly contested debate over the use of approximately one half of the Lower Arroyo for the exclusive use of a private club, the Pasadena Roving Archers, will come before the City Council again on Monday, 2 February 2015.

PLEASE WRITE TO THE CITY COUNCIL NOW – and ask that a fair and safe plan be established for the use of the Archery Range. The Pasadena Police Department agrees that the current situation is dangerous. Those of us who use the Lower Arroyo know that it is just a matter of time before someone – on or off the Range – will be hit by an arrow, and we pray it will not be fatal.

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  • There has been a tremendous expansion in archery use in the Lower Arroyo in recent years, overburdening what Pasadena has designated a “nature preservation area.”
  • It is unacceptable that a private group has control of almost half of the usable open space in the Lower Arroyo.
  • Neighbors to the west of the Archery Range have limited use of their properties because of falling arrows. One neighbor has collected more than 70 arrows that have fallen on his land.
  • Today’s bows and arrows are powerful and lethal weapons.
  • Conflicts between archers and other users of the Arroyo are increasing.
  • There are numerous reports of arrows almost hitting pedestrians and/or joggers.
  • Archers come from throughout LA County and few are Pasadena residents.
  • There is drinking, smoking and shooting arrows – even after nightfall.

A Solution:

  • Limit the days and hours when the Archery Range is open – to weekends only.
  • Improve signage and use flags to alert pedestrians and others when the Range is open for archery use.
  • Targets must be closed and locked when the Range is closed.
  • Trained Range officers must be present whenever the Range is open to assure that rules are followed.
  • Adopt City staff rules for licensing, training classes and a reasonable fee structure.

In Addition:

  •  Establish an Olympic-sized Target Range in Eaton Canyon, NOW, on the site of the former Police Shooting Range. Eaton Canyon offers a safer site with improved visibility, fewer trees and convenient parking.










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